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THE MANY NAMES OF CELEBRIMBOR (Super Best Friends Play - Shadow of Mordor)


  • Celebrimbor
  • Who?
  • Celebrimbors
  • Clebby Brimbor
  • Cobbly Brimbram
  • Fucking Nerd Elf
  • Elf Guy (kind of a dick)
  • Killborn Bloodbane (whatever the fuck)
  • Kellogg’s Boo Berry
  • Celabrimbaz
  • Kellogg Brimble
  • Krispy Kreme Big Box
  • Celebrim—[laughter]
  • Calabamadingdong

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Eagerly hoping to create some kind of cover for "Matt & Pat’s Excellent Adventure Season 2" which I was waiting for a very long time to watch, only to have come too late.

Later, I eagerly hoped to draw a picture in time to at least make a cool summary for their final episode that they could share on their Facebook or right here in Tumblworld. I really wanted a very good reason to try that “walking dead” Telltale comic-booky art style!

was too late again. Oh well — hey, someone tell Matt for me!

Oh, here are two alternate versions I decided not to do because I like profiles: V.1 and V.2

Amazing work!

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